100W SSB/CW HF Transceiver (80m, 40m, 30m, 20m) HBR4HFX


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HBR4HFX V2.0 , is another 4-banders with small size desktop transceiver and big power. A large display using a 3.2″ Color TFT LCD will indulge your eyes when you do QSO. Adjustable power out from QRP level up to 100W will take you to explore the world of HF to the fullest. This radio now has built in mic compressor, no need to speak loud infront the microphone. TCXO (temperature compensate Xtal Oscillator) used as source frequency for the digital synthesizer to provide minimal frequency drift cause of temperature.
HBR4HFX V2.0 is here to answer your needs, large display, great power out with very low cost price, simple to operate and easy to maintain.


  • This is a homebrew, assembled by hands radio, not a product of a factory mass manufacturing.
  • Please refrain from comparing our products with the likes of Icom’s , Yaesu’s, etc.
  •  Our products are low-cost, simple, and minimalist.
  • We conducts our business professionally with honesty and pride.
  •  Hambuilder strives to provide economically priced products to support radio hobbyists and hams all around the world.

Specification :

Frequency Coverage (programmable) :
*. 80m (3.500.000 – 3.999.990)
*. 40m (6.900.000 – 7.499.990)
*. 30m (10.100.000 – 11.449.990)
*. 20m (14.000.000 – 14.349.990)
*. NEW FEATURE : With DIGITAL MODE Interface using VOX to control PTT
*. Tunning step : 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz (rotary dial push)
*. Display : 3.2 Inch 320×240 pixel TFT
*. Dimension : 90mm (height) x 220mm (wide) x 130mm (deep)
*. Controller : ATMega128
*. Main mixer : ADE-1 mixer
*. IF Frequency : 8.000000 MHz
*. Synthesizer : Si5351 with TCXO source clock
*. Selectivity : 4 pole crystal ladder filter (3Khz nominal bandwidth)
*. Power out : at 13.8V 100W at 80m, 90W at 40m, 60W at 30m, 30W at 20m
*. Adjustable RX gain setting with MMIC MSA series front end amplifier up to 0.1uV sensitivity
*. Adjustable TX gain setting (adjustable power out 0-100W)
*. Adjustable AF gain setting
*. Adjustable Mic gain setting with built in low noise mic compressor based on IC MAX9814
*. Adjustable IF Shift, RIT, XIT
*. 2 x IRFP150 final transistor
*. CW sharing filter with SSB
*. Iambic keyer with programmable WPM or straight key (set 0 WPM) option setting
*. PSU Voltage 13.8 V (12-13.8 V)
*. RX current consumption : 380 – 385 mA (Vcc 13.8 V)
*. TX current consumption : 80m 15 A, 40m 15 A, 30m 13A, 20m 10 A (Vcc 13.8 V)
*. 2 Watt, Speaker out
*. 10 functional button

*. does not support CW QSK

Package you will get:
*. HBR4HFX unit with fully assembled and ready to use (1)
*. DC chord (1)
*. Condenser Microphone (1)


  1.   Purchasing this Product means being prepared to comply with the applicable requirements & policies.
  2. Shipped fully assembled, pre-programmed, fully tested, and working properly. Buyer will be provided with pre-shipping video test of the purchased item(s)
  3. This is a home-brew product and is designated for personal use only
  4. Adequate knowledge in radio electronics is required in using this Product.
  5. Hambuilder is not liable for any damage or error caused by user’s failed experiments and/or learning process conducted on the item purchased.
  6. Our workshop is based in Indonesia. Handling time for our order processing and testing takes 15 working days. Items will be shipped using Express Service (EX) from KURASI (which collaborates with DHL eCommerce) and the delivery time around 7-10 days. If you cannot accept these shipping conditions, please do not buy this product
  7. To contact our team via email : support@hambuilder.comAbout Feedback : 1. At Hambuilder, customer satisfaction is our top goal. We stand behind all our products. All products are checked for quality. Our products are all new and in good condition when shipped to our customers. We are certain that you will be happy with your Purchase. Original Hambuilder products are made in Indonesia.

    2. If product is defective or damaged upon arrival, or wrong product is shipped, please contact us immediately. Returns is accepted within 14 days of the delivery date. Returned item must be in original, new condition, not tampered, worn or altered in any way, with attached tags & wraps. Otherwise deal is final. Return shipping must be paid by buyer. (please contact our team support)


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