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HBR4HF V3.0, is another 4-banders series from Hambuilder. It is a medium size desktop transceiver with big enough power. We try to keep it low cost, simple to operate and simple to maintain. This item actually an upgraded power of HBR4HFN with previously providing maximum 25W power out by using 2x IRF520 as the final transistor. We can still adjust the power out to QRP level (below 10W) if required.

Specification :
*. 2.2 Inch TFT Display
*. ATMega128 microcontroller
*. ADE-1 main mixer
*. 11.059200 IF
*. Power out  25W at 80m, 20W at 40m, 15W at 30m, 10W at 20m
*. RX gain setting
*. TX gain setting (power out adjusting 0-25W)
*. AF gain setting
*. Mic gain setting
*. 2 x IRF520 final transistor
*. Morse generator, with ATTiny13 microcontrolle (tone modulated mic)
*. PSU Voltage 13.8 V (12-13.8 V)
*. RX current consumption  ..mA (Vcc 13.8 V)
*. TX current consumption  ..mA (Vcc 13.8 V)
*. 2 Watt, Speaker out
*. 6 functional button

Band Coverage (programmable) :
80m (3.500.000 – 3.900.000)
40m (6.900.000 – 7.500.000)
30m (10.100.000 – 10.149.000)
20m (14.000.000 – 14.349.999)
*. 30m & 20m share LPF + BPF

*. Exciter complete set
*. DC chord
*. Condenser Microphone

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