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RTC02B is a HF Radio Controller with 2.2 TFT LCD display. Its contain VFO and BFO synthesizer cover all HF band. The controller also have logic level band switch, and related generic transceiver switch requirement such mode, bandwidth etc (see detail specification). By using this controller you can upgrade your homebrew transceiver project into branded look alike transceiver.

This controller have been sold more than 100pcs and adopted into many type of popular homebrew transceiver like bitx, ararinha, any NE602 variation or any heterodyne transceiver with VFO and BFO replacement. Some OM using this item to upgrade their old analog VFO based transceiver like Yaesu FT180, FT300C, FT 707. The last one its suitable also to replace CB PLL/Xtal bank.

specification :
*. HF All band controller
*. BFO oscillator
*. USB/LSB/AM switch control
*. IF bandwith control
*. AGC control
*. NB control
*. VFO A/B
*. CB mode channel
*. Voltage monitor, Temperature monitor, fordward reflected monitor
*. Alarm indicator
*. 6 onboard button
*. 1 rotary plus push button
*. Fout 4X freq operasi (SDR mode)

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